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Review – Lubrifiant Organics Silk par Sliquid

omme je suis une grande fan de lubrifiant à base de silicone, mais aussi de sex toy, je suis toujours à la recherche du meilleur lubrifiant pouvant être utilisé avec des toys en silicones sans danger de les endommager. Le silicone sous sa forme solide et en lubrifiant ne font souvent pas bon ménage, et c'est pourquoi il est préférable d'utiliser un lubrifiant à base d'eau avec nos sex toys. Cependant, certains lubrifiants, comme le Silk de Sliquid ne contiennent pas assez de silicone pour provoquer une réaction avec les jouets faits en ce matériau. Ces nombreux éléments ont piqué ma curiosité et m'ont donnés très envie d'essayer ce lubrifiant, j'étais donc très contente lorsque Luxury Vibrators ma proposé de reviewer un lubrifiant de Sliquid et m'a offert de choisir lequel je désirais tester. [Lire la suite]  

Review – Tantus Cush O2

I had been planning to buy the Tantus Cush O2 because I loved the way that it looks and the dimensions appeared perfect to me. I thought that those features, plus the dual density, would make it feel great. I ended up being very lucky and win one in a giveaway hosted by Little Switch Bitch and sponsored by Tantus. I am so thankful for that, because the Tantus Cush now has a special place in my heart. [Read more]


Review – Broad City Vulvarine rabbit vibrator

I do own a lot of sex toys, but I was yet to find a rabbit vibrator or internal vibrator that really worked for me. I am always willing to find toys that will prove me wrong and work for me, so I was happy to review the Broad City Vulvarine rabbit vibrator when Lovehoney offered it to me. I had never hoard of this tv show before, but I sure am going to check it out now! [Read more]


Review – Satisfyer Pro 2

Before getting the Satisfyers, I had never tried a suction type toy, and I was highly curious about them as they promise a totally different type of clitoral stimulation. These toys have now gotten mainstream, and Satisfyer contributed to making them more accessible, as before them, other brand such as Womanizer were only selling expensive options. Satisfyer have gotten out many different models, and I have been lucky enough to be sent three of them to review, the Satisfyer Pro2, the Satisfyer Penguin and the Satisfyer 2 [Read more]


Review – Tantus Vamp Super Soft

I had had an eye on the regular Tantus Vamp, when Tantus came out with their Super Soft toys and created this new Vamp version. I thought that I wouldn't like this line of soft toys because I was afraid that they were going to be too soft for me, but when Luxury Vibrators offered me to review the new Vamp Super Soft, I thought that I might as well just give it a shot [Read more]