Review – Sliquid Natural H2O lubricant

You've probably heard about Sliquid before. It seems to be every blogger's favourite brand of lubricant. I've heard so many people raving about it that is has convinced me to purchase a bottle and see for myself. I must admit that I am not a fan of water-based lube (I prefer silicone). I have used a couple of other water-based lubricants in the past, which I hated, simply because they would either cause irritation and discomfort, or dry out within a few minutes of use. However, I need water-based lube with most of my sex toys, so I had no other choice but to seek for one that I would like. I went for Sliquid natural H2O out of all their other options because it is the simplest one, and I was hoping that it would solve those issues. I has heard so many good things about it that the bar was set very high...

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Review – Sondeur anal perlé en silicone Supersex par Tracey Cox

Lorsque j'ai décidé d'essayer ce toy, je n'avais jamais vraiment expérimenté avec la stimulation anale. En fait, ce jouet était mon tout premier sex toy anal. Avant cela, mon chum m'avait déjà "rimmé" et avait déjà inséré un doigt, mais sans plus. C'était si nouveau pour moi que j'étais un peu inquiète quant à la grosseur de ce jouet. Je n'avais jamais inséré autre chose que des doigts, et même ça, c'était parfois un peu douloureux...


Review – Mötley Crüe Girls Girls Girls classic vibrator

I’ve been lucky enough to be sent this toy from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review! I have also been sent the Mötley Crüe Too Fast For Love bullet vibrator from the same collection, before this one. The bullet was ok, but nothing more, so I was expecting the classic vibrator to be pretty similar, but boy I was wrong!


Review – Fifty Shades of Grey Wickedly Tempting Clitoral Vibrator

It seemed to offer many advantages over the Silencer. I own a couple toy from the Fifty Shades of Grey range, and I found them to be pretty good and great quality. In addition, the Wickedly Tempting vibrator looks better than the silencer, being black and classy instead of being another pink girly toy, and it comes with a storage bag. Also, as it is way more expensive than the Silencer bullet, I was expecting it to be better. Needless to say, my expectations were high...


Review – Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober

When I first tried this toy, I was new to anal play. In fact, it was my very first anal toy. Before that, my boyfriend had inserted his fingers and rimmed me a few times, but that was all I had ever experienced in regards to anal. It was so new to me that I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy this toy because of the fact that it was way bigger than anything that had ever been in my butt, and that I didn’t always like having fingers up there...