Review – Clandestine Devices Mimic

  • Brand: Clandestine Devices
  • Material: Silicone
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Vibrations: 8 Patterns
  • Power: USB rechargeable
  • Storage bag: Yes
  • Travel lock: Yes
  • Price: 125,00$ USD
My review:

When I first saw the Mimic, I was super intrigued by its shape. The fact that it could offer both broad and pinpoint stimulation, plus its very classy stingray shape were all part of what won me over. I’ve contacted Clandestine Devices telling them that I was interested in reviewing their toy, and they were kind enough to send one to me in exchange for my honest review.

The packaging

The Mimic comes in a nice sturdy box, similar to We-vibe’s. The box itself looks great, all in black with a nice water design and a photo of the toy on it. The toy sits inside the box, in a  foam-like material shaped after it, and is covered by a clear plastic screen. Both the box and the plastic cover are sealed with a sticker, so there’s really no chance that your box has been previously opened. Inside is also a nice pamphlet with information about the toy, a charger, and a storage bag. To me, everything about this packaging screams “luxury”.

The toy

The toy itself also looks great. As mentioned before, it appears to be shaped after a stingray, and I find this design to be very pretty. There are currently three colour options, black, lilac, and aqua (named seafoam), and all three of them are gorgeous. The shape is supposed to be perfect for stimulation of the clitoris and the labia, and designed in order to be held easily and ergonomically with your fingers on top of the wings. The silicone parts that are meant to stimulate the labia are quite flexible, and allow the vibrations to easily travel through both of them. In opposition to that, the middle part is more rigid, and has a pointed tip which is also quite rigid and seems to be perfect for more direct stimulation.

At the base of the toy are the control, which are very easy to use. The middle button is the on/off, and is surrounded by a + and a – button. The toy is also designed to be controlled with the thumb, if you hold the vibrator as suggested.

The base of the toy lights up when the toy is charging or functioning. To me, it is not very useful (it could if you plan on using the toy in the dark), but it’s a nice touch. The base is also flat, so that the vibrator can stand up on any flat surface.

In use

I am very disappointed by the Mimic. Its design and packaging had me hoping for high quality, but this toy has some major flaws. The build in quality is there, but sadly the design does not work for my anatomy, and the motor is also a miss in my opinion.

The Mimic is a bit too small for its design to hit the right spots. If I want the wings to stimulate my labia as they are intended to, I have to position the toy in a way that it misses my clitoris. There is a curve at the base of the toy, right above the settings, and this sharp curve ends up over it. If I want my clit to be stimulated too, I have to use the curved tip, and the wings just miss my labia. If the toy was a big longer, and the curves were not as pronounced, I think that it could hit all the right spots in a very satisfying way. The vibrations do travel well in every centimetre of the toy, so if the Mimic had the right shape, it could stimulate every part of my vulva all at once.

However, there’s also another aspect that would need to be changed for the Mimic to work for me: the motor. It’s not of the most powerful, but is powerful enough in my opinion. The main issue is that vibrations are extremely buzzy, which doesn’t do anything for me, especially where the toy completely misses my body. This toy might be a good option if you like buzzy vibrations and if you’re lucky enough so that it fits your anatomy, but for me, it’s a total miss.


I am very sad because I was hoping to love the Mimic, but the design and the buzzy vibrations just don’t work for me. This toy is visually prefect, but unsatisfying in practice. With minimal design adaptations and a change of motor, it could be a promising luxury product, but as it is now, it’s just another toy that’s missed it.

Where to get it

If you would like to try the Mimic yourself, you can get it directly from Clandestine Devices. Several retailers such as Vibrant, SheVibe, Peepshow Toys, Betty’s Toy Box and Lovehoney (UK) also sell it.

The Mimic was sent to me by Clandestine Devices in exchange for an honest review.