Review – So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty plug

  • Brand: So Divine
  • Material: Silicone
  • Length: 3 in (7,6 cm)
  • Circumference at the largest point: 3,75 in (9,5 cm)
  • Diameter at largest point: 1,5 in (3,8 cm)
  • Lubricant: Anal water based lubricant
  • Storage bag: Yes
  • Price: £11,66
 My review:

So Divine had agreed to send me two bullet vibrators to review, and when I opened the parcel, I had the chance to find this nice and unexpected butt plug! I was very happy that they sent it to me because I had been having an eye on it!

The packaging

Like the other So Divine toys that I’ve received, the Sweet Sensation Booty plug came packaged in a nice tissue paper wrapped with a ribbon. This mimics the effect of receiving a gift, and it’s super fun to unwrap.

As for the cardboard box containing the toy, it is quite similar to the other So divine toys. The package is quite small, and there is a little rounded window at the back, and an image representation of the toy on the front.

I didn’t realize at first, but the plug comes with a nice velvety storage bag. Its colour fits the toy’s, and it’s the perfect size to fit it in, without too much extra room. I really appreciate that a toy of this price range comes with a storage bag, when many high end toys don’t even include one.

The toy

The Sweet Sensation Booty plug is made of silicone and comes in one single colour: purple. It also has a gem base, a feature that is most often seen on metal plugs. It has the same overall aspect and shape than these kind of metal plugs as well, but the fact that it’s made of silicone makes it very lightweight, and because the stem is flexible, the plug is also more responsive to your body compared to metal ones. However, the bulb and the base of this plug are rigid. The toy feels smooth and silky to the touch because of its silicone coating.

This plug looks super cute. When I first got out of the packaging, I just kept saying was how cute I thought it was. It seemed so small, but I found out quickly enough that I had under-estimated its size.

There was only one size available until very recently. I was still working on this review when they came up with a medium and large size. The one that I have is the smallest one, and I was finding this plug to be a great option for beginners-intermediates who want to try out a gem plug without spending too much, or before investing in a high-end, metal one. However, since So divine came out with more size option, I find this plug to be a great option for anyone who are into gem plugs but prefer silicone over metal, independently of their experience level.

In use

When I first got to use it, I was quite surprised that this plug did not insert that easily. It had been a long time since I had last played with anal toys, but the plug seemed so small in my hands that I was thinking that even complete beginners would be able to insert it pretty easily; I was wrong. I think that it’s not that much about the size of the plug, and that it’s more about the shape of it, because I own plugs that are bigger than this in circumference and which do not feel as big upon insertion. The tip is well tapered, which is good for insertion, but it also gets bigger really fast as you go. It may not be a problem if you are used to taking toys this size, but for someone who, like me, hasn’t had anything inside their ass in a long time, or even never had, it may take a little more time and warm up.

That being said, it was not THAT hard to put in, it was just harder than what I was anticipating. I had a little warm up with a clit toy, and then proceeded to insert the plug using a good amount of lube and deep breathing, and managed to get it in without needing any anal warm up. If you are completely new to anal toys however, I would suggest starting up with something smaller as a warm up, like fingers or a smaller plug, and never force it in, to avoid hurting yourself or having a bad experience. For me, it was not needed because after my first use, I knew what to expect, and I now make sure to be well relaxed before inserting it, which is enough.

Once in place, the Sweet Sensation Booty plug is quite comfortable. I haven’t worn it for an extended period of time, while going out or doing chores for example, but the stem seems to be flexible and thin enough to make this type of wear comfortable as well. The bulb’s shape is also comfortable and the pointy tip doesn’t feel pokey when you move unlike other plugs I’ve used.

The plug is not as long and filling as I would like it to be. Also, I find some plugs to be teasing and stimulating  on their own, but this small plug doesn’t do that for me.

The gem base feels quite nice and secure. It definitely is flared enough to prevent anything from being sucked up. It also looks very nice when worn.


Before using it, I was thinking that this plug would make a perfect beginner plug but it turned out to be a bit too big for that. Is is comfortable to wear, but I do not find it to be stimulating on it’s own. In sum, it doesn’t do much for me in terms of feel, but, I find it to be a great option for people who are into the look of gem plugs, and want to get a silicone version.

Where to get it

You can get the So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty plug directly from So Divine. You can also buy it on Lovehoney (UK, CA).


– – –

The So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty plug was sent to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review.