Review – Doxy Die Cast



  • Brand: Doxy
  • Material: Body:  Aluminium/Titanium,  Head: silicone
  • Length: 13,5 in (34,3 cm)
  • Weight: 830g
  • Head circumference: 7,5 in
  • Wire’s length: 9 ft (2,8 m)
  • Plug: UK – EU – USA – AU/NZ
  • Vibrations speeds: Continuous speed & patterns, 3000-9000 rpm
  • Power: Mains powered
  • Lubricant: Water-based
  • Compatibility: Standard wand attachments
  • Storage case: No *
  • Waterproof: No
  • Price: £149,99 – 183,43 USD

My review:

Who’s never heard of the Hitachi Magic wand? It got famous because of how powerful of a sex toy it is, and that allowed many women who were struggling to achieve orgasms to finally experience them. Since this notorious wand came out, so many brands have come out with their own wand model, but the well known Hitachi had not been dethroned, until Doxy came out, claiming that they had built a wand 30% more powerful than the Hitachi. This is a dangerous claim for a company, but their product lived up to its promise, and the Doxy massagers have now replaced the Hitachi in many people’s heart.

They first came out with the original Doxy, a wand with a plastic body and a PVC head, and later came out with a more luxurious version, which has a metal body and silicone head, the Doxy Die Cast. It was previously only available in a polished silver finish, but many colour options were recently added.


The packaging

I got my Doxy wand from Lovehoney before they came out with new Die Cast colours, at the time when the black Die Cast was said to be a “limited edition”. The silver Die Cast come with a nice storage case, but mine being a limited edition, it didn’t. I am highly disappointment because I would have liked to have a case to protect that luxurious sex toy, and I’m even more disappointment now that all colours, including black, now do come with a case.

My wand came in a white cardboard box with DOXY written on it. There was a plastic bag protecting the head, and little booklet containing all the information about the toy and all its safety warnings was in the box. The booklet seems to provide the information of the original massager, and not the die cast’s, but I guess this can be explained by the fact that at that time, they simply packaged the Die Cast like an original Doxy since it was a limited edition. It’s to be expected that the Die Cast now comes with it’s own instruction booklet as well as with a case, and a packaging.

The toy

The Doxy Die Cast is gorgeous in black. Its body is made of a black glittery metal, giving it both a sturdy and luxury look at the same time. It’s a little weighty, but nothing I find to be a problem in use. tag-img_2119-copieSince it’s metal, it’s also cold at first, but heats up pretty quickly as it’s on. The head of the wand is covered with silicone, which is body safe (unlike the original Doxy which has a PVC head). However, there’s a gap in between the silicone part and what’s underneath, and you have to be especially careful not to get any fluids in there.

The Doxy Die Cast’s incredible power is due to it being mains powered. It is available with a UK, US, EU, or AU plug.  The chord is 2,8m, which is long enough not to be limiting. I could literally plug it on any outlet in my bedroom and be able to use it easily.

The tag-img_2125-copiewand features 3 buttons: a «power», a «-» and a «+». When it is on, these buttons light up blue, which is pretty useful when using the toy in the dark. The settings are pretty intuitive, but some people don’t know that there’s also an escalating vibration mode. Simply press «power» and «+» at the same time to access it, and then «+» and «-» to increase or decrease the rate of ascension.

A thing I dislike about the settings is that the speeds are a spectrum, meaning that there’s no such thing as “speed1, speed 2, speed3, etc”. When I press the «+» button, it often increase too much in speed, and I have to lower it down again. When I try to press on the button more quickly, it’s not enough to change the speed. I never seem to find the right speed right away.

In use

When I bought the Doxy Die Cast, I was expecting incredible power that would get me off in only a few minutes. I was disappointment because it takes me just as long to orgasm using the Doxy than using any other vibrator. It IS as powerful as I thought it would be, but as the lowest setting is still pretty intense, it does not allow for build up. That means that when I am using the Doxy, I don’t experience the great feeling of a build until I get to the orgasm which makes it pretty boring. However, because of the intensity of the vibrations, the orgasm is actually pretty intense too. Also, because of the lack of build up, I find that those intense orgasms are not of the most satisfying, but sadly, the vibrations are so powerful that once I’ve orgasmed, I can’t go for another one because even the lowest setting feels way to intense.

tag-img_2102-copieThis toy, however, is great for warming up quickly before using a dildo. The sad part is, that its head is too big to be used effectively while using an insertable toy. I can still use it that way, but the head just doesn’t sit properly on my clitoris, hence, not providing the wanted sensations. Despite that, I get to orgasm pretty quickly using the Doxy and a dildo at the same time, because the penetrating vibrations still find their way to my clit, but the sensation can’t compare to if the wand would sit on it properly. It may not sound optimal, but I do like using the Doxy while using a dildo, because when I am, the dildo kind of provides the build up that’s lacking when using the wand on its own, which quickly results in an intense and satisfying orgasm.

I am not a fan of patterns, but surprisingly, I love the Doxy’s. I find it allows a better build up than using  constant speeds. I think it’s the best option when I am using the wand for clit stimulation alone. I also like the lower settings, because they are rumblier than the higher ones, hence more satisfying. However, the highest settings work wonders for forced orgasms.


The Doxy’s power can also be felt through clothes. It can be a great option for people who find the Doxy’s vibrations to be too intense. However, I personally take even longer to orgasm when I am using it over my clothes. It’s deep and powerful vibrations also makes it a great body massager. I always reach out for it when my back or leg muscles are aching.

Despite its few flaws, I know I can always rely on my Doxy when I’m in need for an orgasm but am not in the mood. It never fails to bring me to orgasm, even if getting there can take a while.

Cleaning & maintenance

Cleaning the Doxy is a real pain in the ass. The wand not being waterproof, you cannot simply run it under the tap. I find using a damp soapy cloth to be a bit risky and annoying, because you have to wash the soap off afterwards, and keep being especially careful not to get any liquid stuck under the head. I don’t want to be spending as much time cleaning my toy as it takes to have an orgasm using it!


At some point, I started using wipes and it has completely changed the game. I asked Doxy if they adviced against it, and they said there was no problem with using whether baby wipes or sex toy wipes. I have used both and it makes cleaning the head of my wand so much easier! I also use them to clean the body and chord of the wand when needed and it does an amazing job.

The head being made of silicone, you should always use water based lube with it (avoid silicone lube). The best option would probably be not to use any lube, but if you’re like me and need some lube along with clitoral stimulation, this is not an option. Also, it may sound obvious, but it isn’t to everyone, that magic wands are for external use only, meaning that you should not need an infinite amount of lube anyways.


Overall, I find the Doxy Die Cast to provide intense, but unsatisfying stimulation and orgasms when used on its own. However, I love using it with a dildo, it makes the whole experience so much better. The downside is that the head is too big to sit on my clit while there’s a dildo inside me. Its vibrations are so powerful and penetrating that it still stimulates it, but it would be so better if it would stimulate my clit directly while using a dildo!


Because of its intense vibrations, I would recommend this toy to people who need lots of power to get off, or who are into forced orgasm play. If you’re a person who needs a build up in order to have satisfying orgasms, or who doesn’t like intense vibration, this toy may not be for you. However, since it’s a pretty versatile toy, I think that everyone can find something that they like about the Doxy.

Get yours

Worldwide: You can get the Doxy Die Cast directly from Doxy, where it is available in white, red, purple, black, and silver.

UK: It is available in purple and silver at Lovehoney. You can get the red or silver die cast from Uberkinky, which also seems to sell the case separately.

US: It is available at Shevibe in red, purple, white, black and silver. Lovehoney also sells the black one that I’ve got (without a storage case).



  • such a beautiful large wand, so much better looking then the classic magic wand. gosh i want one of these beauty’s!

  • Jay

    Trying to decide between the die cast and the number three to buy during Black Friday. I love the black sparkle die cast (and the case it now comes in) so much, but worry that the head will be too big for me as well. Decisions…

  • JK

    We have the Doxy original. Sure it’s powerful, but it’s also loud. Since we use a lot of our toys in the dark, it’s hard to see the buttons. I wish they lit up like they do here.

  • Roxy

    I really want this toy, but I think I will probably go with the number 3 because it is smaller and lighter