Review – Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation Nipple Suckers


  • Brand: Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Material: Silicone
  • Length: 5,1 cm (2 in)
  • Base diameter: 3,1 cm (1,22 in)
  • Lubricant: Water based
  • Storage bag: No
  • Price: £9,9914,99$ USD19,95$ CAD at Lovehoney
My review:

I already owned some nipple toys when I decided to try these nipple suckers. I chose them rather than any other model because these ones seemed to be of higher quality. I must say that I made the right decision and that these nipple suckers really did live up to my expectations.

The packaging

As with every toys of the Fifty Shades of Grey range I have so far, these suckers came in a black box featuring a picture of the product. Inside the box you find the suckers, sealed in a disposable packet. I did not take any picture of the packaging as my parcel arrived damaged (Canada Post’s fault), but it’s pretty much the same type of box than with all the other Fifty Shades of Grey toys. The only difference with these other toys is what is inside the box, and I am not only talking about the toy itself. As every other toy I own of this brand came with a storage bag, I was expecting to get one with the Nothing but Sensation nipple suckers too, but sadly there wasn’t. It was a bit of a deception, but I found some space to store them with my Pleasure and Pain nipple rings of the same brand, which packaging included a bag.

The nipple suckers

The suckers themselves are made of firm and thick black silicone. There is “Fifty Shades of Grey” engraved on the bottom part of each sucker. As I mentioned earlier, the quality of these toys is very great, and they look very good and well made. The bulbous heads are pretty firm, and you can adjust the amount of suction you want the sucker to provide by varying the pressure you apply on it.

In use

When I am aroused, these suckers double as a great toy and provide great stimulation to my nipples. When using them that way, I find that the suction isn’t strong enough at first for what I like, but after a few minutes with them on, the sensation is increased and my nipples get really sensitive and stimulated.

I also use them to get my nipples erected, making usage of other nipple toys easier. I usually can get my nipples erected easily using my fingers, but sometimes it’s not enough. I get better results when using these suckers, as they make my nipples harder and bigger compared with when I am using by hands. However, when I use them and am not aroused, I find them to be a bit painful, and if I try to apply less suction so it doesn’t hurt, they simply fall off. To avoid that, I fund that using some water-based lube and applying it on the base of the suckers before putting them on did the trick. The lubricant has a sealing effect and as a result, the suckers stay on better and can be used with less pressure.


Overall, I think that good nipple suckers are a must have for every nipple play lovers out there, and the Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation are a good model to get in my opinion. I would definitely recommend them as they’re a great quality, they look good, they provide great sensations, and they make the use of other nipple toys easier and more enjoyable.

Where to get it

If you’re interested in buying the Fifty Shades of Grey Nothing but Sensation nipple suckers, you can get them at  (or if you’re from the US, and if you’re in the united kingdom)


  • trix23

    I’ve only used the plastic kind, these would be easier!