Review – Hedonic Glass butt plug

  • Brand: Hedonic Glass
  • Material: Glass
  • Length: 3,75 in (9,5 cm)
  • Insertable length: 3 in (7,6 cm)
  • Circumference at the largest point: 4 in (10,1 cm)
  • Diameter at largest point: 1,25 in (3,2 cm)
  • Lubricant: Any type of anal lubricant
  • Storage bag: Yes
  • Price: 55,44$+ USD
My review:

When I got in contact with Hedonic Glass to discuss about a possible Giveaway, they also kindly offered to send me a piece to review. I was hesitant at first because I do not do anal play often, and was feeling as I was not in a position to review such a quality plug, but they responded that they find my beginner’s opinion to be very valuable and that they like having different perspectives on their work. I accepted the review offer, and I am glad I did!

The packaging

Since it’s hand-made, my plug came in no packaging but a nice zipping pouch to store and protect it. That pouch is quite big, and could be used for other purpose too, but as it’s slightly padded, it’s also perfect for storing a glass toy. I am happy that it came with such a storage option, because I am always uncomfortable about having no protection at all when it comes to my glass toys.

The toy

This is my first glass butt plug. I never had one before because I’ve never trusted cheaper, lower quality, mass produced glass toys inside my ass, and I couldn’t afford higher quality ones such as this Hedonic Glass toy.

There is so much to say about this piece. First off, it’s hand-blown, so every single piece is unique. The fact that it’s hand made also makes it artwork. Their products are also very affordable, especially considering the high quality and unique aspect of every item. Bonus point, they also make custom pieces, so you can be sure to get the perfect toy for your needs!

When Hedonic Glass asked me what toy I wanted to review, I was so overwhelmed with the options. All the flower designs were very appealing to me, but the one which spoke to me the most was the pink gold fumed rose. Unfortunately, there were none available in a size or shape that I could handle, so I asked them if they had a small one, with a more bulbous body and thinner stem, and they made one just for me, ticking all my boxes! Every single one of my interaction with Hedonic glass during this process was lovely and caring. I absolutely can’t see a reason not to love this shop. Also they’re Canadians just like me!

When my plug arrived, it looked perfect! The only issue I had with it is that because it had been a long time since I had last put something in my butt, I was afraid that it would be a bit too big. The glass is so clear and free of any imperfections and the plug’s curves are smooth. The flower is simply gorgeous, filling the base with its 3D effect. The piece is extremely well made, and absolutely stunning.

Since it it glass, you can play with the temperature and make it hot or cold before use. It is also super easy to clean, will not retain odours like silicone plugs can do, and can be used with any kind of lubricant!

In use

I was scared of the size, but I quickly realized that this plug is easier to insert than some other, smaller plugs that I own. The glass is super slippery, and I feel like there is no need to spread the anal lube over the entire piece before inserting it because the material is so smooth. It definitely feels different than silicone, which is more draggy and not as comfortable in use. In addition, the plug is well tapered, and it get gradually wider, at a perfect pace to make insertion easy.

In addition to being slippery, glass is also super rigid. I was anticipating that its rigidity would be a bad thing, because it would mean that the plug doesn’t move with your body, but it turned out to be a plus, because of how filling it feels. I asked for the stem to be as thin as possible, and it was a bit large for my taste, but in use, it doesn’t feel big at all. The whole plug just feels so natural, like it was made to fit my body that perfectly.

The plug being glass, I was also expecting it to be as heavy as my Njoy Pure plug, but it actually feels way lighter in use. The weight adds to the rigid feel of the product, but it is not weighty enough for the plug to be pulled down by gravity when in use.

The plug itself feels really good; not only is fits my body wonderfully, it also hits my right spots. Using it on its own makes my breath change, and I quickly find myself craving for more. I usually do not use dildos vaginally while wearing a plug, because I don’t douche and I feel that the base of the plug is to close to my vaginal opening and I am afraid that dirty anal lube will get inside cause an infection. However, while wearing this plug, I just can’t refrain from doing it, because it gets me way too turned on for me to listen to myself. Having a dildo inside while wearing this plug gives me such a filling feeling, both in my rectum and vagina, which is extremely satisfying. The curves of the plug also makes the toy highly stimulating anally while not being so sharp that it is uncomfortable.

The only thing I would change about this plug, is the curve of the neck, between the stem and the bulb. I would make it rounder so that removal is easier. Besides that, it’s pretty much perfect. This plug is so well made that when I was taking pictures of it, it could not find balance and kept rolling on the glass plank until it fell on the floor. When I picked it up, I inspected it to make sure that it wasn’t damaged, and it remained flawless. This makes me confident that this toy will last for ages, and most importantly, that it won’t break on me on the first occasion!


This stunning piece of art that doubles as a sex toy is the best butt plug that I’ve used. I am not very experienced with anal toys, but this one really does it for me. It’s well made, and never fails to fill me with great pleasure. I must say that I am very happy that I accepted to review it!

Where to get it

You can get your own piece on Hedonic Glass’ Etsy shop. You can also enter my giveaway (ends 18/09/2017) to win a piece of your choice!

– – –

This butt plug was sent to me by Hedonic Glass in exchange for my honest review.