Review – Hot Octopuss Queen Bee

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  • Brand: Hot Octopuss
  • Material: ABS / TPE
  • Vibrations: 7 speeds and 5 patterns
  • Lubricant: Water-based
  • Battery: USB rechargeable
  • Charging time: 4h
  • Battery life: up to 1h *
  • Travel mode: No
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Storage bag: Yes
  • Price: 195,00$ at Luxury Vibrators
My review:

If you’re somewhat active in the sex toy community, you’ve surely heard of this new, innovative toy that is the Queen Bee. Hot Octopuss came out with this new oscillating toy which conversely to their other toys, desoesn’t require you to have a penis. I am always highly curious about toys providing a new kind of sensations, and as soon as I expressed my interest for this toy, Luxury Vibrators offered me to review it for them.

I must admit that I don’t know exactly how to feel about this toy. Sure, when it first came in the mail, I was super excited, but after using it a few times, my enthusiasm lowered down a bit. I’ve really tried to like it, and to be fair, I don’t hate it, but this toy is just another proof that different toys don’t work for everyone.

The packaging

The Queen Bee comes in a nice, shiny dark blue box. The design of the box is very classy, and I appreciate the fact that the box is slim, and isn’t bigger than the toy, which means no extra packaging. I also love that the box is sealed.

Inside the box is the toy, laying in a moulded piece, plus the usual charger, and a bonus storage bag. The charger is quite simple to use, yet efficient, and I appreciate the fact that there is a Hot Octopuss logo on it, so that it doesn’t get mixed up with all my other chargers. As for the storage bag, it is a pretty basic black pouch, that’s well fitted to the toy. It also has a Hot Octopuss mention on it, and different kind of string mechanism than most storage bags.

The toy

The first thing to mention when it comes to this toy, in my opinion, is its material, because it got me a bit concerned at first, but we’ll get into that later.

For now, let’s start with the toy design. It is quite big and sturdy feeling, and has a shape that’s very similar to an hair brush. On the handle are the magnetic charging connection and control buttons on one side, and the Hot Octopuss font written on the other side. All around the toy is a metallic band which has an edge into it, and plays as a nice accent. There is a nice fade into a grid-like design on both sides of the toy, which also begins to crave to form texture on the non oscillating side.

The control buttons are quite easy to use, and light up in blue when they are activated. There is four of them, being two different ones for the “+” and “-“, one for the patterns, and a power button. I like that the controls are designed this way, as it avoids confusion and makes it super user friendly. The only issue I have with the settings is the button’s disposition on the toy. The settings and oscillating plate are placed on opposite faces of the toy. I always like it better when the settings are placed towards my face when I am using the toy because I find it easier to use.


This toy is made of TPE, which may be a concern to many people. You’ve probably been told before that only silicone, glass or metal (and sometimes wood) are safe materials for sex toys, and this is right. I’ve contacted the manufacturer prior to trying the toy, to get more information on their product material, and it turns out that they’ve issued a FAQ about this specific topic. They claim their TPE to be medical/food grade, which makes it body safe. I am no expert when it comes to the different grades of TPE, but the Queen Bee’s material definitely feels like quality to me. It is non tachy and odorless, and feels different than other soft plastic based toys that I’ve come in contact with. Keep in mind though that TPE, whatever the grade, might still be porous, but as this is not an insertable toy, I feel quite safe using it and recommending it.

As the Queen Bee is waterproof, cleaning shouldn’t be an issue. However, it is a bit complicated in my opinion, because soap often gets stuck around the oscillating plate. Nothing gets inside the toy as is it designed with folds in the material to allow movement, but it’s still a pain to rinse off. I also find that the metallic band around the toy stays watery for a while, even when the rest of the toy is well dry.

The toy is also quite noisy. I do not feel comfortable using it when there are people other than my boyfriend in the house in fear that someone hears it, so keep that in mind if you need discretion when it comes to sex toys.

The booklet states that you can get up to 1 hour play with one charge, but I used it so much more than that without even needing to charge it up after its first charge.

In use

The Queen Bee being quite different than other toys, I was expecting it to feel just as different, but it doesn’t. The stimulation it provides sure is different, but it does not provide entirely new sensations to me. The feeling kind of reminds me of a broad, rumbly vibrator, but at the same time, it feels quite like the opposite. The sensation on my clitoris kind of is somewhat similar to it, but the stimulation can’t be felt deep in my tissues like a rumbly vibrator’s.

The oscillating plate being relatively large, it makes it feel like a broad vibrator, which I like, but I also need something else with it (being pinpoint or texture) to get off from toys like this. I feel like my clitoris needs a tactile stimulation for me to really enjoy myself, which can be given by either a little texture or a thinner shape. I wouldn’t mind the dimensions of the plate if it also had something to stimulate the side of my clit when I feel like it. However, if you are a fan of broad stimulation, this might work for you.

I think that I would also like it better if the oscillation amplitude was bigger, as it would provide more sensations to my variation-seeking clit. When I say that, however, I do not mean that the toy is not powerful enough, because I think it is, but I do mean that a bigger oscillating movement would probably work better for me.

The other face of the Queen Bee is supposed to offer vibrating stimulation, as it vibrates due to the movement of the toy, but it does not vibrate at a very high intensity. Also, as I said earlier, this side is textured, so you would think that it would work better for me compared to the oscillating side, but it doesn’t because both the texture and vibrations can barely be felt.

I was able to orgasm a few times using this toy, but I do not find it satisfying. I find both the stimulation and the orgasms provided to be lacking. When using it, it does feel good, but it never gets to a “Oh my god, this feels so good” point, which usually builds up to an orgasm.

On a side note, I’ve discovered by mistake a way to use it that is really enjoyable, but again, it makes me feel like I need more and can’t get it. I happened to use it with my Dalia inserted (simply being there waiting for me to take it out), and weirdly I could feel deep and rumbly vibrations travel through the porcelain of the dildo and fill me with nice sensations. I’ve also tried to replicate this using a silicone dildo but the vibrations just didn’t travel through it. This is my favourite way to use the Queen Bee, but as with all other ways, I find it lacking.


The Queen Bee’s left me feeling just like when I tried the Satisfyers. It has the potential, and I can really see people loving it, but I am there, wondering why it doesn’t work for me. Both toys also provide different sensations that do feel a bit something I can put a name on. In conclusion, I do think that this toy is a great product and can be amazing for some people, but unfortunately it can’t do enough for me.

That being said, if Hot Octopuss ever makes an updated version of the Queen Bee, or comes out with a new toy having bigger amplitude and a slimmer stimulator, I’ll be the first to jump on it! I do think that the idea is great, and I’d like to see more toy options featuring the same mechanism.

Where to get it

You can get the Queen Bee at Luxury Vibrators for 176$ with code LEJOURNAL with free shipping. You can also enter this giveaway to win your own!

The Queen Bee was sent to me by Luxury Vibrators in exchange for my honest review.

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  • Vitos Bandos

    We never try such type of vibrators, thanks for review!

  • Kalliopeia

    I really don’t get the shape of this thing. I know the company has previously made toys for penises, but it doesn’t really look like anyone told them about labia. For those with more prominent labia, this is going to be inevitably Uncomfortable.