Review – Iroha Stick

  • Brand: Iroha
  • Material: Silicone and ABS plastic
  • Lenght:9,9 cm (3,9 in)
  • Vibrations: Adjustable strength
  • Travel mode: No
  • Battery: 1 X AAA (included)
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Price: 21,99$ USD

When Tenga came out with the Iroha line, I couldn’t help but want to try all of the products. They later came out, with budget friendly products, such as the Iroha Stick, and I must admit that I thought “well, this one is probably gonna be another shitty inexpensive vibrator”. I decided to give it a shot anyways, because you won’t find a good budget friendly vibrator if you never try any, right?

The Packaging

The Iroha Stick comes in a simple clear plastic packaging. Inside of the cardboard back piece, in an instruction manual, translated in many languages.

The toy

The toy features a silky silicone tip, and a plastic base. It is shaped like a lipstick, what at first I thought wasn’t realistic, but when I took photos of the product with a few actual lipsticks, I found that it did fit in pretty well. It’s size and lipstick-like shape makes it a discreet little vibrator.

Just like a lipstick, the Iroha Stick comes with a cap, which I really like because it is great for storage. Because it has a cap, I do not feel the need to wash the toy before using it because I trust that it keeps the tip clean. Unlike some lipstick caps, the Iroha Stick’s cap stays firmly in place and won’t get off unless you want it too. That means that you could easily carry the vibrator in a bag without the cap falling off.

The base of the vibrator can be unscrewed to insert the battery. The needed AAA battery is included with the toy, which is always a nice touch because you don’t have to bother getting the batteries separately.

The base is also where the controls are. It is very easy to change the intensity of the vibrations; simply twist it to turn the toy on and set the right intensity. The speeds are gradual as you twist the base, and there are a great range of them. This toy does not, however, feature any pattern mode, it only offers constant vibrations.

In use

I was pretty surprised by the Iroha Stick! It surely isn’t just another cheap, shitty vibe. The vibrations are pretty strong for a 23$ vibrator, and even though they are on the buzzy side I have no problem reaching orgasm using it.

I was also very surprised by the great sensations  provided by the tip. At first, I found the V shaped ridge to be uncomfortable, but as soon as I stopped trying to stimulate my clitoris directly with it, it started to feel great. Pin point stimulation using that ridge just feels too sharp, hence, is painful. However, when using this toy as I would with a regular bullet vibrator, without focusing on the ridged part, the V shape finds the right spots and adds nice sensations.

I can use the silicone tip angled in many different directions, with the ridge stimulating different areas of my clitoris, and the vibe feeling different but pleasurable each time. My favourite way to use it is by pressing the flat part of the tip on my clit, with the V part angled downwards and stimulating the bottom part of it. With the vibrator in that position, I can also move it around a bit so that the ridge stimulates different parts of my clitoris, without feeling too sharp.

I really like the ridged tip, and I think it feels very different from other vibrators, but I think it is a bit too sharp and could benefit having smoother edges or being made using a squishier silicone. I can still enjoy the Iroha Stick as it is, but I think that it would feel even better this way.


When I first heard of the Iroha Stick, I thought that it was gonna be just another regular basic cheap clitoral vibrator. I decided to give it a go anyways, and I am glad I did because I ended up really liking it! Overall, I really like the fact that it comes with a cap, and I enjoy the unusual sensations provided by the tip.

This vibrator is not perfect, but it is a good budget friendly vibrator option and I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone looking to spend less than 25$ on a sex toy.

Where to get it

If you are in the US, you can get the Iroha Stick directly from Tenga or from Vibrant.


The Iroha Stick was sent to me by Tenga/Iroha in exchange for an honest review.