Review – Jimmyjane Intro 2

  • Brand: Jimmyjane
  • Line: Intro
  • Material: Silicone
  • Waterproof: Yes*
  • Vibration speed: 3 speeds, 2 patterns
  • Battery:  2 X AAA (Included)
  • Storage bag: No
  • Price: 39,99$ USD
My review:

I’ve always been curious about any clitoral vibrator design that stimulates both sides of the clitoris, so when Betty’s Toy Box offered me to review a toy from the Jimmyjane Intro line, I jumped on the occasion to try out the Intro 2.

The Packaging

The Intro 2 ‘s packaging is quite simple. Inside of the box, you’ll find a pair of AAA batteries, which are needed to operate the toy. I find that battery operated toys often require you to buy the batteries separately, so I appreciate when companies include them in their toys.

The Toy

The Jimmyjane Intro 2 is made of silicone, which is body safe and has to be used with water-based lubricant only. There is a choice is three colours: dark blue, pink, and plum. As you may have guessed, I’ve opted for plum.

The first thing I noticed when getting the toy out of its packaging was how big it is! I sure wasn’t expecting it to be almost as big as my whole hand! I find that this size, and the shape of the toy, makes it nice to hold in hand. However, this is not the way you hold it while using it, so it is a bit pointless in my opinion.

The arms of the toy are flexible, yet overall rigid. This makes it perfect to offer precise stimulation, and a good pinch if this is what you want.

The control button is at the base of the toy. It’s pretty easy to use, simply press it once to switch the toy on, then press it again to scroll trough the three constant speeds, and the two patterns, which each offer three speeds options. To turn the toy off, just hold on the button. When the toy is switched on again, it starts back on the first speed.

The toy is labelled as waterproof, but in my opinion, it is not. Every time I wash it, there is water and soap getting stuck in the ridge of the battery compartment. There seems to be a silicone ring deep inside of it, that’s intended to stop any liquid from getting to the electric parts, but seeing how much water gets in there, I do not trust it. Plus, if this happens after every careful wash, I would never dare taking this toy in the bath or the shower.

Another issue that I have about the battery compartment is that even though there is an arrow and some +/- signs, I always mess it up. For some reason, I never put the batteries in correctly, and as if this wasn’t enough, the compartment is way easier to close when the batteries are on the wrong side.

In use

I was highly curious about the shape of the Intro 2, because, except for rabbit ears, I had never tried a vibrator like this before. Having vibrations on both sides of my clitoris, rather than directly on it,  feels quite different in my opinion.

The arms of this vibrator are a bit wide for my anatomy, but the stimulation feels right nevertheless. I’ve tried applying a little pressure on the sides to pinch my clit with it, and it does add a little something but it is not really my thing. I prefer using it as it is.

The Intro 2 is buzzy, but having it vibrate on each side of my clitoris makes the vibrations feel like they travel deeper than they actually do. Plus, as the arms are quite long, it stimulates my inner labia at the same time as my clitoris. Because of that, this vibrator is useful to arouse me and get blood flowing in all of my private parts.

There is a downside to that, however, as the first time I used it, I got to orgasm but felt nothing during my climax because the vibrator was not stimulating my clitoris directly. Maybe my body has now learned from that experience, because I’ve never been able to orgasm from this vibrator ever again after that.

I’ve tried using the vibrator with both arms laying on the sides of my clit until I was well aroused, and then using one of the tips to stimulate my clit directly, but pinpoint stimulation does not feel any good with this toy. The vibe is so buzzy that I can barely get anything out of if this way. To me, this vibrator feels good in the beginning, when the blood gets flowing, but quickly becomes useless. It lacks in power and rumblyness to bring me to have a satisfying orgasm.

The arms are a bit wide for my anatomy, but the stimulation feels right nevertheless. I’ve tried applying a little pressure and pinch my clit with it, and it does add a little something but it is not really my thing.


In summary, I did not like the Intro 2, but I am happy that I have tried it, because I now know how this type of vibrator feels like. The vibrations are buzzy, and that is mainly why it did not work for me, but I enjoy the shape. I will probably not use this vibrator again, but I am definitely interested in trying another vibrator with this shape such as the Jimmyjane Form 2.

That being said, I think that this vibrator is not worth it on its own, but I would definitely recommend it if, like me, you are curious about this kind of shape and want to experiment with it before investing in a higher quality vibrator with the same kind of design.[Read more]

Where to get it

You can buy the Jimmyjane Intro 2 at Betty’s Toy Box and get free shipping within the US. If you are interested in a luxury version of this vibrator, you can purchase the Jimmyjane Form 2 instead.

The Intro 2 was sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for an honest review.

  • Athena

    Jesus thats a whole lot bigger than I expected! Shame its so buzzy!

  • JK

    I think we may have to get one of these. She loves when her clit is surrounded.