Review – Satisfyer 2

Features :
  • Brand: Satisfyer
  • Material: ABS plastic and Silicone (head)
  • Vibrations: 11 speeds
  • Battery: 2 X AA
  • Battery life: 120 min
  • Travel mode: No
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Storage bag: No
  • Price: 39,99$ USD at Peepshow Toys
My review :

I’ve had an eye on suction toys ever since they first came out, but I only recently got to try one for the first time. I was sent three Satisfyer models to review, and the Satisfyer 2 is the first that I’ve tried.

The packaging

The Satisfyer 2 is no exception when it comes to the packaging. It comes in the same white box as the other models, with the name and a picture on it. Inside is an instruction manual written in many different languages. Just like with the Pro 2, the box wasn’t sealed, which is weird because the Penguin‘s was, and all three toys were shipped at the same time and from the same place (being directly from the manufacturer).

The toy

The Satisfyer 2 is the biggest one of the three. It’s also the least curvy one, and the least appealing looking one in my opinion. It feels quite sturdy in hands, because of its bigger size and straight line design.

The head is also quite big, but the nozzle itself doesn’t look bigger than the others. This model is the only one that I’ve received that is battery operated rather than USB rechargeable, and I also find that it is the noisiest one. With that noise level, however, it doesn’t really make a big difference as none of them is even close to being discreet.

In use

The Satisfyer 2 is probably the least practical in use of all the Satisfyers. The buttons placement is just off. This makes it hard to hold the toy in place while changing the intensity. The buttons are also harder to press than the other two toys.

While it is battery operated, I feel like the Satisfyer 2 has the most power of the 3 models. It’s the only one that I can, almost, enjoy. I feel like it gets stronger sooner in the settings. It means that the difference in intensity from one level to another is less gradual, but it also means that it feels more powerful on the top settings.

With the Satisfyer Pro 2, I keep trying to increase the power while I am already on the highest setting. Conversely, with the Satisfyer 2, I never get on the highest settings because they are way too powerful for me.

This model is the one with which I’ve had the most success, and the highest orgasm rate. However, I still am not a fan of the sensation, because just like the other Satisfyers, this one also feels like an overwhelming buzzy vibrator.

As stated in my other reviews, the orgasms I get from these toys are very intense and satisfying, but I don’t enjoy the build up. The Satisfyer 2 is the one I dislike the least in regards to this aspect, but it is not enough to change my overall opinion and make me like these toys.


To me the Satisfyer 2 is the one that feels the most intense, the most satisfying, and is the one that brings me to orgasm the most often out of all the Satisfyers. While I do not really like the sensations given by these toys, the Satisfyer 2 is the one that kind of saves it for me.

Where to get it

You can get the Satisfyer 2 from Peepshow Toys.

– – –

The Satisfyer 2 was sent to me by Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review.

  • I really enjoyed the Satisfyer 2, myself. Also, can’t help but appreciate the affordable price of this model.