Review – Satisfyer Pro 2

Features :
  • Brand: Satisfyer
  • Material: ABS plastic and Silicone (head)
  • Vibrations: 11 speeds
  • Battery: USB rechargeable
  • Charging time: 1h30
  • Battery life: 1h30
  • Travel mode: No
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Storage bag: No
  • Price: 88,75$ USD at SheVibe
My review :

Before getting the Satisfyers, I had never tried a suction type toy, and I was highly curious about them as they promise a totally different type of clitoral stimulation. These toys have now gotten mainstream, and Satisfyer contributed to making them more accessible, as before them, other brand such as Womanizer were only selling expensive options. Satisfyer have gotten out many different models, and I have been lucky enough to be sent three of them to review, the Satisfyer Pro2, the Satisfyer Penguin and the Satisfyer 2.

The packaging

As with all the Satisfyer toys, the Pro 2 comes in a nice white box with the name and a picture of the toy on it. Inside is  an instruction manual written in many different languages. Unlike the Penguin‘s, the Pro 2’s box wasn’t sealed. I think it is weird that out of three toys that were all sent at the same time and directly from the manufacturer, only one had a sealing sticker.

The toy

The Satisfyer Pro 2 looks nice, with its golden colour and ergonomically looking handle. The handle has two buttons: one is the power button and the other is to scroll through the different speeds. The toy is also USB rechargeable, which is great, but I also personally find that the battery to last way longer than what is stated, which is a rare thing.

This sex toy is fully waterproof, but I find it to be a hassle to wash, because of the head. It can be changed if needed, which is a nice thing, but also makes the toy less convenient as water gets in the cracks. For it to be properly clean, I have to wash both the toy and the head separately, and then let them dry separately as well.

In use

As you may know, suction toys do not vibrate, they suck. You place the nozzle on the clitoris or nipple and the toy creates a suction sensation which is different than with a vibrator. This, in theory, sounds appealing, but it did not exactly work as promised on my body.

I find that it does attract blood to my clitoris and makes it really sensitive afterwards, but it’s pretty much all it does for me. The Satisfyer does get from “barely doing anything” to “this is intense”, because the increase between the different modes isn’t gradual enough for me. Yes, I can orgasm with this toy, but most of the time, I just end up wanting to increase the speed again when I already am on the most intense setting. Ironically, I don’t like the sensation provided by this toy, as I find that it feels like an overwhelming buzzy vibrator, but like with a buzzy vibrator, I really need to force it so to climax. However, when I manage to orgasm with the Satisfyer Pro 2, the orgasm is super intense. My clitoral orgasms are not as intense without penetration, but the Satisfyer can give me an orgasm just as intense, with having only my clit stimulated.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 can also be used with an internal toy, as the head does not get in the way. There are, however, some flaws in the design in my opinion. I find that the handle isn’t really useful the way I hold this toy, and that it would be so much more if the buttons were on the other side of it. I also find that for this placement, the buttons are way to high.

I also have to point out that this toy is incredibly loud. When it is stuck on the body, part of the noise is muffled out, but when the seal is lost, it sounds just like a freaking jackhammer, even when under the covers. This toy is definitely not for you if you need some discretion.


I can understand why so many people like these kind of suction toys, and I as hoping to like them too. My orgasms with the Satisfyer are very intense, but my way there is in no way quick nor satisfying. It might work better on different bodies, but I feel like it didn’t do enough for me.

Where to get it

You can get the Satisfyer Pro 2 at Shevibe.

– – –

The Satisfyer Pro 2 was sent to me by Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review.

  • Roxy

    I know a lot of people really love this toy but it just did not work for me.

  • Athena

    Ive been so curious about these. Shame this one is so loud! What is as loud at the Penguin or the other suction toy you reviewed from Satisfyer?