Review – Sliquid Natural H2O lubricant

  • Brand: Sliquid
  • Type: Water-based
  • Sex toy compatibility: compatible with all materials
  • Latex compatible: Yes
  • Vegan friendly: Yes
  • Sizes: 60 ml (2 oz) – 125 ml (4,2 oz) – 250ml (8,5 oz)
  • Price: 8,00S USD – 12,00$ USD – 19,00 USD on Sliquid’s website

Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid


My review:

You’ve probably heard about Sliquid before. It seems to be every blogger’s favourite brand of lubricant. I’ve heard so many people raving about it that is has convinced me to purchase a bottle and see for myself. I must admit that I am not a fan of water-based lube (I prefer silicone). I have used a couple of other water-based lubricants in the past, which I hated, simply because they would either cause irritation and discomfort, or dry out within a few minutes of use. However, I need water-based lube with most of my sex toys, so I had no other choice but to seek for one that I would like. I went for Sliquid natural H2O out of all their other options because it is the simplest one, and I was hoping that it would solve those issues. I has heard so many good things about it that the bar was set very high.

A little bit about sliquid…

tag-img_1732-copieI thought everyone must love them for a reason, right? Well, I can see so many reasons why now, and I already had before even using their lube. Sliquid is one of the rare lubricant companies who see women’s health as a priority. Like me, you’ve probably had the “chance” to experience irritation when using cheap lube like the ones sold in most drug stores. That is because almost every single one of the most popular brands, like Durex and KY use nasty ingredients like glycerin, parabens, propylen glycol, etc. These ingredients aren’t as bad for penises, but can be very damageable for a vagina’s health. Sliquid doesn’t use any of these problematic ingredients. Their lubricants contain all natural ingredients, and as few and as clean ingredients as possible. They are formulated in order to match a woman’s natural lubrication, and also are vegan friendly! Why not love them already?

The bottle

tag-img_1711-copieThe bottle I bought is 125ml. I was expecting it to be bigger but it is in reality quite small. It is clear so you can easily see how much lube you have left before running out. A blue label is stuck on it, displaying the brand name and logo on front, and information about the products on the back. Unlike many other lube bottle, the short list ingredients is displayed on the label. It doesn’t seem to be the case for all bottles, but mine (purchased on a canadian retailer’s site) has all its info written in both french and english.

The cap is a press cap, which allows you to easily pour the right amount of lube, without any mess. I also absolutely love the fact that the lube is sealed upon arrival. It is a must for me because this way I know that my lubricant hasn’t been opened, used, or contaminated before I use it.

The lubricant

The lubricant is non sticky, non-stainy, tasteless and odourless. It has a great consistency, not too tick nor watery. As expected, I have never experienced any discomfort using this lubricant. It is a top quality product just as promised.

Used externally

Most of the time when I am using lube, I am using it for external stimulation. Whether I use my fingers or a vibrator, I like it when it’s really wet and slippery, and water-based lube is perfect for that. I find Sliquid natural H2O to be inferior for that purpose compared with other lubes I’ve used. After a few minutes of rubbing myself with it, or using a vibrator paired with it, it’s already dried out and needs to be reapplied. When using a more generous amount of the product, instead of drying out, it gets a bit sticky with a weird white bubbly texture. It reminds me of cum that’s been played with for a while. Let’s just say that it’s not my favourite lubricant for external use.

Used internally

I find this lubricant to be better suited for penetration. It does not get sticky that way, and doesn’t dry out as quickly. In fact, I have only used it with dildos so far (other forms of penetrations are out of the menu at the moment), and it makes silicone ones very comfortable to use. It doesn’t need to be reapplied mid use like most water-based lubes, or like when it’s used externally. However, I don’t know if it would last long enough during penetrative sex with a partner, as for me, that kind of sex lasts longer than with a dildo.


The description on the bottle says : “To reactive, reapply or add water“. When I first read this, I though “yeah, like with any lube, if you reapply some it’ll be more lubricated”, but it turned out that the lube really does reactivate itself when you add water! I found that out the first time I went to wash my hands after had used it. The lube had dried out on them but when I put them under the water, I could instantly feel the lube again, with its silky texture as I rubbed my hands together to wash it off. Because of that, this lubricant can be a bit harder to wash off, but soap does the trick perfectly.

It also has a plus side, as it means that a woman’s natural lubrication keeps reactivating the lube in use, making it last longer. It also mixes so well with it and has just the right texture. I find it feels just like it, which is fantastic.


I now can see why everybody’s always talking about how great Sliquid lubricants are. If I would only use lube for penetration, it would be my favourite too. Used this way, it is non sticky, non-irritating, lasts for a while, feels nice, and mixes with the natural lubrication perfectly. However, I find this lube is not as great for external use as it dries out and gets sticky and with a weird texture.

That being said, I think it still is a great lubricant overall, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It may not be perfect for external use, but how it performs when used internally is enough to make it the best water-based lube that I’ve tried. I am now looking forward to try more of Sliquid’s products!

As a fan of silicone-based lubricants, and as a very sensitive woman, water-based lube has always been a deal breaker, but it’s not the case anymore now that I’ve tried Sliquid! It has changes it all completely!

Get yours

You can get Sliquid’s natural H2O lubricant directly from them on their website. They often offer some products for free with your purchase, but the shipping is expensive, unless you buy for 60$ USD (or 100$ in Canada) worth of products. Unless you are in great need for it you may not want to spend that much on lube.

You can also buy it from a Sliquid retailer:

In Canada: Pinkcherry

In the UK: Lovehoney

In the US: Shevibe / Good Vibrations

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Have you tried this lube yourself? Did you like it? Which Sliquid lube is your favourite? Let me know in the comments bellow!

  • Ash

    I think this is a really nice perspective on a product talked about so often. And, it’s not often that I hear criticisms of this lube, either. Really enjoyed hearing a more objective point of view.