Review – Tantus Vamp Super Soft

  • Brand: Tantus
  • Material: Silicone
  • Insertable length: 7 in (17,8 cm)
  • Total length: 7,3 in (18,5 cm)
  • Head diameter: 1,75 in (4,5 cm)
  • Mid-shaft diameter: 1,5 in (3,8 cm)
  • Lubricant: Water-based
  • Storage bag: No
  • Suction cup: No (not compatible with Tantus’ suction cup)
  • Harness compatible: Yes
  • Anal safe: Yes
  • Price: 91,00$ CAD
My review:

I had had an eye on the regular Tantus Vamp, when Tantus came out with their Super Soft toys and created this new Vamp version. I thought that I wouldn’t like this line of soft toys because I was afraid that they were going to be too soft for me, but when Luxury Vibrators offered me to review the new Vamp Super Soft, I thought that I might as well just give it a shot.

The Packaging

The Vamp Super Soft comes in the usual Tantus packaging, which is a simple white cardboard box with a display screen in the middle. The box also has some information about the company on it.

The toy

The Vamp Super Soft comes in two colours, Copper and Midnight Purple. Mine is in Copper, and the colour is very rich and gorgeous!

Like the regular Vamp, this new version is on the big side size wise. It has a big head,  and slightly curved shaft with a few details on it. The details do add a bit of texture and a more realistic look to the toy, but it can’t really be felt in use. The overall shape and texture do give this toy a realistic look, but it’s not detailed enough to be fully realistic.  The colour also takes away some of the realistic aspect. With this look, I think that the toy can please both people who like, and those who like, me don’t like realistic dildos.

The silicone is quite soft, but it’s far from being as squishy as what I was expecting. To me, if feels closer to a dual density toy than to a super soft fantasy toy, which is a plus in my opinion, because it means that the dildo has a nice firm core, while not being too hard. This is also a positive aspect considering the fact that this dildo is quite big.

The head of the Vamp is super smooth, while the surface of the shaft feels a bit more textured. The silicone used for this dildo is not draggy at all. You would think that the shaft would be, because of its texture, but instead it’s the head that feels particularly smooth and slippery.

In use

As I said, I was afraid that the Vamp would be too squishy for me, but it actually has the perfect density for me. It is soft enough to be forgiving and accommodating, but rigid enough so that it’s easy to trust, and that it can be felt properly and hit the right spots. The shaft is bendy enough so that I do not poke myself while trusting hard, but firm enough to allow for such thrusting moves. The Vamp is also rigid enough so that all its features can be felt perfectly, which I find can be altered when a toy is too soft. In sum, it’s the perfect density.

Because of it’s simple shape, it can seem like a pretty standard and average toy in feel, but trust me, it is perfect like it is. Its girth gives a nice full feeling, without being too stretching and painful. The head isn’t the most bulbous one, but the coronal ring is sharp enough for a nice stimulation, while still not being painful like it’s the case with some dildos. The whole head, because of its size and its ridge, is also surprisingly good for G-spot stimulation, but without being too harsh; it’s just how I like it. The long shaft also allows for the head to hit deeper spots, while not being the best A-spot toy.

Actually, the Vamp can even feel overwhelming when combined with intense Clitoral stimulation, such as oral sex or vibrations from my Tango or Desire bullet. Most of the time, if I don’t want the sensation to be too much for me, I have to use it alone or while manually stimulating my clit, but sadly, I can’t come from using a dildo on its own. However, when I am in the right mood, and properly warmed up, using the Vamp with the kind of stimulation listed above results in an amazingly intense and satisfying orgasm! These restrictions can be hard to deal with, but to me, the orgasms, when the Vamp can give me one, are totally worth it.


I was wondering if the Vamp Super Soft would be too squishy for me, but I ended up being amazed by this toy. Everything about it is perfect, it has the right amount of squish while still being firm enough, it has the perfect size and shape, and it can hit the right spots, what’s more to ask? However, everything can’t be always be perfect, and something about the Vamp isn’t quite right. This dildo often feels a bit too intense for me, which can be annoying, but when it results in an orgasm, I get back to thinking that the Vamp is the perfect dildo.

Where to get it

You can purchase the Vamp Super Soft at Luxury Vibrators for 91$ CAD and have it shipped to you for free. You can use the code MAMZ for a 10% off your purchase! Luxury vibrators is a Canadian based website, but be assured that you can shop there from the USA too!

The Tantus Vamp Super Soft was sent to me by Luxury Vibrators in exchange for an honest review.

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  • Amber Hume

    Oh, I love this color and… size))

  • Jay

    I love this copper color so much, but suspect that the Super Soft would be too soft for my liking. If only Tantus made their regular or 02 lines in this color.

  • Posy Churchgate

    Hmm – helping me decide about my first dildo, thanks

  • I’m looking for a very soft dildo and this one looks amazing.

  • trix23

    How does this compare to Tantus O2 silicone?

    • I feel like it is softer than my Cush, it’s also more bendy, but both toys are way firmer than soft silicone used by fantazy companies.