Review – Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober


  • Brand: Tracey Cox
  • Material: Silicone
  • Length: 8,5 in (21,6 cm)
  • Insertable Length: 6,5 in (16,5 cm)
  • Circumference of the smallest bead: 2,4 in (6 cm)
  • Circumference of the largest bead:  4 in (10,1 cm)
  • Lubricant: Anal water based lubricant
  • Storage bag: No
  • Price: £9,9913,99$ USD – 16,95$ CAD at Lovehoney


My Review:

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When I first tried this toy, I was new to anal play. In fact, it was my very first anal toy. Before that, my boyfriend had inserted his fingers and rimmed me a few times, but that was all I had ever experienced in regards to anal. It was so new to me that I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy this toy because of the fact that it was way bigger than anything that had ever been in my butt, and that I didn’t always like having fingers up there.


The prober comes in a clear plastic packaging moulded around it. It displays the toy and its shape, with the Tracey Cox’s usual packaging picture of a couple as a background. I think that this packaging gives the whole toy a cheap look, and I hate it for not being discreet at all, as even when the toy is removed, you can still know exactly what was in there.

The prober


The toy is made of silicone and is firm yet flexible. It has a looped handle attached to it, which is the most flexible part of the toy. The prober itself is made of 7 beads, graduating in size, the biggest one being in the middle. The whole toy has a curve to allow a better penetration angle.

As a beginner, the first thing to catch my attention was the size of the toy; I was shocked to see how big it was.

In use

Being a beginner, I was a bit scared, but the first bead isn’t bigger than a man’s thumb, so I thought I would at least be able to use this one a couple times before graduating through the bigger ones.

When I got over my fear and decided to try it, I had just had with some anal stimulation. I was very turned on and was craving more intense anal stimulation, so I decided to get the anal toy out. I was expecting to get two or maybe three of the beads in, max, and to work up to the bigger ones after a few sessions.

So, while using a vibrator on my clitoris, I applied some water based anal lube to the prober and myself and inserted it. It went in easily, but I didn’t really feel anything great from it. After a few minutes I was feeling ready for the second one, so I pushed the toy a little further. It still wasn’t very pleasurable, but it didn’t hurt either. At that point I could easily tell that this was the biggest thing I had ever taken up my bum at the time.

tag-img_1560-copieThe third bead went in with a little more resistance, but once inserted, it felt surprisingly good. It was so aroused at that point that I started playing with the toy. Moving it back and forth and around made it feel even better. Then, unexpectedly and with almost no resistance, the fourth and biggest bead just slid right in! After that bead, all the remaining ones, which are all smaller, simply got sucked in. I did not have the time to realize that the entire line of beads went in before I had had an orgasm! I felt this orgasm coming from deep inside of me, and it was very different from anything that I had ever experienced; it felt amazing. It was the first time I has ever used an anal toy and already I was discovering what an anal orgasm feels like.

I had read people say that, just like with anal beads, slowly pulling out the toy when having an orgasm feels amazing. I have tried it but didn’t find it pleasurable at all. The stretch feeling provided by the beads when inserting them was not pleasurable to me, it was feeling them inside of me that was, so pulling them out just procured the same stretching feeling and kind of ruined that amazing orgasm I was having. Maybe I’ll enjoy pulling them out at orgasm when I am used to bigger sizes, but for now it is definitely not for me.

After that first try, I have been seeking for more amazing anal orgasm with this toy. However, on those attempts, I have never been as aroused as I was on the first try, so I rarely managed to get to the biggest bead. Since it was the bead responsible for that incredibly great orgasm, I’ve sadly never managed to have another one. However, the one it has given me was so intense that I love this toy solely for that.


Before using the Tracey Cox Beaded Anal Prober, I was a complete beginner in regards to anal toy, but let me tell you it has opened the door to further exploration!

The prober is of great quality and is bendable enough to allow comfortable use, while not being overly flexible, making insertion easy. The handle is the softest part of the toy, but the part that’s closer to the anus is firmer than the rest of the ring and that is sufficient to keep things safe for a beginner like me. However, if you are a more intermediate user, I would advice that you do not use this prober as a butt plug because the slightly firmer part of the ring may not be enough to prevent loss. If you do hold on to the handle though, everything should be fine.

tag-img_1554-copieAs a beginner, I was expecting the toy to be too big. I was planning on using it as a warm up, one bead at a time, until I could finally insert them all. I was very surprised when on first use I unexpectedly got the whole toy in. It even resulted in an amazing orgasm. Needless to say I like this toy a lot! I don’t always manage to insert it past the biggest bead, which is the one providing me the most pleasurable sensations, but when I do, it feels so great.

If you are an anal beginner, don’t be put off by the size, as you may be surprised, just like I was. If it does not give you intense pleasure, it’s lost because it still makes a good toy to help working up in size.

If you are an intermediate user, I think this toy would be perfect for you. Its increasing size sure makes a good warm up, but if you can insert the whole toy, you probably won’t want to use it for anything other than experiencing the orgasms it can provide. The biggest bead is my favourite one, so if you can get it in easily, I think you are up for great fun! And if pulling a beaded toy out at orgasm is your thing, I think this toy will give you great sensations when you do.

And I can only imagine how great this toy would feel as a male. If you have a prostate, you sure are a lucky person and I definitely think you should give this toy a try.

Unless you are highly experimented with anal toys, I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t get this toy. It is really inexpensive, and it sometimes even comes on sale at 50% off!


Get yours

You can get it here. At the moment, it is part of the 2 for 30$ offer on butt plugs.  Also, you can try the code A3180 on the UK site (here) and if you are lucky, you may have a chance to get this toy for free when spending a certain amount!

Any thoughts on the Tracey Cox Anal Prober? Have you tried it yourself? Would you like to try it? Let me know in the comments!

  • Candle

    Great review! Thanks for including thoughts on the male perspective!

    • Thank you.
      However I hope it’s clear I did not report the opinion of a male and have only tried the toy myself, so I am only talking about how I think it would feel for a man.