Useful links & guides

Beginner’s guides:

Come As You Are has a great guide on how to use sex toys: Sex Toy How To’s

ScarletTeen’s guide on sexual anatomy: With Pleasure: A View of Whole Sexual Anatomy for Every Body

Oh Joy Sex Toy on Homologous genitals: Homologous Genitals

Oh Joy Sex Toy on what is considered sex: What Is Sex?

Also read the next section on Sex toy material & safety

Sex toy material & safety:

Everything by Dangerous Lilly. Seriously, if you still haven’t had a look at her blog, do.

Dangerous Lilly on toxic materials: Toxic Toys – The Definite Guide to Toxic Sex Toy Awareness

Dangerous Lilly on cleaning of different materials: Sex Toy Cleaning Guide / Material Information Guide

Dangerous Lilly on glass toys: Is Your Glass Sex Toy Truly Safe?

Dangerous Lilly on why you shouldn’t buy sex toys from amazon: Why Buying Sex Toys from Amazon is a Risky Gamble

Sexual health:

ScarletTeen on using protection: All the Barriers! All the Time!

Capp on Oh Joy Sex Toy on Vestibulodynia: Vestibulodynia by Capp

Oh joy Sex Toy on Vaginismus: Vaginismus

Emmeline Peaches on Knicker Rocker Glory about vaginismus: Vaginismus Awareness & Treatment – A Personal Perspective by Emmeline Peaches

Sarah from Marvelous Darling on why you should use lube : Lube, Arousal Nonconcordance, and You

Lorax of sex’s guide on lube: Adventures In Lube-land (aka the Epic Lube Post)

Come As You Are’s brochure on using dilators: Dilators & Dilatation Exercises


For educational information and great inspirations:

Come As You Are’s beginner’s guide to BDSM: From Bottom to Top: BDSM For Beginners

Gritty Woman’s guide to BDSM: Introducing BDSM into Your Relationship – A Beginner’s Guide

Sub’s blog about his BDSM experiences : Subsmissives

Watch Jess’s bondage gone Wilde vlog: Bondage gone Wilde with Jess Wilde

Lorax of Sex’s guide to rope bondage : Epic Bondage Rope Guide: Basics and Safety


Here’s Artemisia from FemmeCock’s tutorial on how to make a harness out of bondage rope: Strap-On Rope Harness Tutorial

ScarletTeen on dealing with rape: Dealing With Rape