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As you probably know, buying sex toys off amazon is a bad idea. So where is it safe to shop then? Here is a list of my favourite sex toy retailers and manufacturers from which you can buy. Of course there is way more out there, but bellow are some of my recommendations.

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Sex toy retailers

In Canada

Come As You AreCome As You Are Co-operative

This is a small indie shop based in Toronto. I simply love them. They are very inclusive and sex positive, and it’s the best place to shop for gender gear. They also have a variety of toys. They do not have the widest stock, since they are a small shop, but they do carry many good brands, and at a great price. There also are lots of items on their sales page all the time. I also find them to be very friendly to their customers, which makes me love to purchase from them. The only bad thing I can say about them is that some of the products that they sell is porous, so carefully read the descriptions before ordering. They do ship in the US too, and the currency is very favourable to the US customers.

Luxury VibratorsShop Luxury Vibrators | Only the Finest Vibrations at luxuryvibrators.ca

They used to specialize in We-Vibe products, but they’ve recently expanded  to carry other Luxury brands. They still specialize in high end, luxury products, and won’t stock any item that they aren’t experts on. That also means that they only carry body safe stuff. They too are based in Canada, but ship to the US as well. They are quite new, but from my interaction with them so far, they seem to be a very nice company who supports bloggers and work hard to be the best they can be.


Lovehoney is a UK bases retailer that launched their Canadian site recently. I love Lovehoney because they have a huge range of products available, and also have great deals going on. They also have one of the best customer service I have ever interacted with. They stock a wide range of products, and have their own brand of sex toys, lingerie, essentials, and bondage. They do stock a lot of porous stuff though, so be sure to carefully read the product’s description before buying. As they convert their price from pounds to Canadian dollars, their price tend to be higher on some items. However, their huge variety of own brand products, and various sales and offers do make it worth shopping there. Also note that as they are not a Canadian based shop, their standard shipping takes about a week, compared to 3-4 days for a Canadian based shop, and the parcel has to clear customs.


Pinkcherry is a Canadian based shop that also sells to the US via their American website. They carry a huge variety of toys, but that also means that they do carry unsafe products. They are super budget friendly as they stock lots of products from different price and quality range. In addition, they often have a 20% or 25% off going around. However, I’ve noticed that they tend to inflate their price on some products that they offer for free with some orders. Because of that, and the fact that they stock many porous products that I cannot recommend, I would advice being careful about what you are getting. Read the listing carefully, or shop for brands you already know. They do sell some great brands at a lower price, and I particularly like buying my Sliquid and Tantus products there, because they are much cheaper than everywhere else.

In the United States

LovehoneyDiscover the Desire collection at Lovehoney

Lovehoney is a UK bases retailer that has a warehouses based in the United States. I love Lovehoney because they sell a huge range of products, and always have great deals going on. In addition, they have one of the best customer service ever. They also have their own brands of sex toys, lingerie, essentials, and bondage gear. They do stock a lot of porous stuff though, so be sure to carefully read the product’s description before buying anything.


SheVibe is probably the biggest store in the US. If you’re looking for something you can’t seem to find, SheVibe probably has it. Plus, their prices are pretty much always lower than everywhere else. They listen to bloggers and their customers, and they have very nice artwork on top of that. In sum, they’re awesome, they have it all, and at the lowest price.

Good VibrationsSex Toys for him, for her, for both of you
Good Vibrations may be a small shop that doesn’t stock all the items available online, but they are very dedicated to educating their customers. They are sex positive and really are there to help people out. Their employees are very kind, and are all driven by sex positive values. The company is also one of the most helpful one to starting bloggers. They too have their own line of toys, named Pleasure Works, which includes many different kinds of toys for everyone.
VibrantSex Toys for him, for her, for both of you

Vibrant is a new, ethical, inclusive, sex positive and stigma free store, stoking only quality and body-safe products. Their proceeds goes to planned parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. If this alone does not convince you to shop there, I don’t know what will.

Betty’s Toy Box

Betty’s toy box is a women owned shop focused on exploring pleasure and sexuality in a safe place. They only stock products that they would recommend themselves, but unfotyunately they do not carry all body-safe products. You’ll have to make sure to read carefully before you purchase, because the materials aren’t stated on an easy to find spot on their products pages.

Peepshow Toys

Peepshow Toy is there to be part of a sexual revolution, as they advocate for free expression and non-stigma in people’s sex lives. They stock only body-safe products, and have a special selection of vibrators under 50$ on their website, for people who are on a budget or don’t want to break the bank with their first toy. They are also very supportive of the bloggers and sex positive community.

LuvoqaSex Toys for him, for her, for both of you
Luvoqa is dedicated to selling only high quality, highly rated, body safe products. Companies that are all for body-safe toys often forget about lube and other accessories, but Luvoqa makes it a mission that all of their products are safe and non-toxic, not just their toys. Unfortunately, they only currently ship within the US.


In the UK


Lovehoney is one of the biggest online sex toy retailers in the UK. They’ve come to open a site for many different countries now. I love Lovehoney because they have a huge range of products available, and also always have multiple deals going on. They also have one of the best customer service that I have ever dealt with, they really are 100% committed to pleasing their customers. They stock a wide range of products, and have their own brand of sex toys, lingerie, essentials, and bondage items. They do stock a lot of non-body safe stuff, but the materials or ingredients are always accurately stated, in an easy to read list. Each product also features many genuine customer reviews, to help you make the best decision. The UK site, unlike the other Lovehoney ones, also has the advantage of having a community room, with the forum, lots of photos, a blog, and more.

En France


Il y a plusieurs sites qui vendent des sex toys en France, mais Lovehoney sont les seuls avec qui j’ai travaillé. Comme lorsque que j’achète chez eux via leurs sites américain ou canadien, je n’ai jamais eu de mauvaise expérience en travaillant avec eux. Leur service a la clientèle est sans faille, et sans aucun doute l’un des meilleur avec qui j’ai eu affaire. Lovehoney ont aussi une très grande sélection de produits, dont beaucoup sont de leur propres marques. Que vous cherchiez de la lingerie, des sex toys, des produits de bondage, vous y trouverez de tout. Ils ont aussi des offres imbatables; toujours des aubaines. Le seul hic, c’est que plusieurs de leurs produits sont fait de matériaux poreux et non sécuritaire pour l’utilisation interne, alors assurez-vous de bien lire les informations avant d’acheter un produit sur leur site.



Tantus is one of the best dildo manufacturers out there. They’ve been one of the firsts to make only silicone products. They have a good range of dildos, some dual density, some textured, some harness compatible, some vibrating, and so many more. Their dildos are hand poured, and you can always trust that you’re gonna get a quality product. They also make butt toys, impact toys and so on. Some of their products may seem expensive, but they really aren’t considering their quality. Their products can be found on most sites, but Tantus’ site sometimes offers an advantage, as they always have great deals going on, there are always items on their sales page, and their grab bag section offers popular toys in a random colour for a reduced price! If you are located in the US, their site is definitely worth a visit!


Sliquid is one of the most popular lubricant manufacturer out their. They are one of the few lubricant companies who see women’s health as a priority. Sliquid lubes doesn’t contain any problematic ingredients such as glycerin, parabens and propylen glycol. Instead, they contain all natural ingredients, and as few as possible. They are formulated in order to match and mimic women’s natural lubrication, and also are vegan friendly! Other than lubricant, they have a good range of products, such as massage oils and orgasm aids, all made from good quality, body safe ingredients. Their products can be found on many other sites, but you can also buy directly from them.


We-Vibe probably is my favourite vibrator manufacturer, and if you ask other bloggers, I am sure many will agree with me. They come out with a new product once in a while, and most of their motors are very powerful and rumbly. Their products are luxurious, and sure may seem expensive, but they are well worth their price! You’ve probably heard of them before, because their We-Vibe vibrator was a very innovative product back when it came out, and their Tango is still a strong favourite among bloggers. You can find their products almost everywhere, but you can also buy directly from them if you like.

Twin Tail Creations

I was not into fantasy toys before I found them but they seduced me and I got one. They’re just starting out, but they keep coming out with new awesome toy designs. They are very close to their customers, and they listen to their suggestions. From my experience, they are also very committed when people tell them how they would like their toys to be, and how a certain type of fantasy toy could be made better. As with most fantasy toy makers, you can buy pretty toys from their inventory, or have a custom toy made just for you. You can choose within a range of colours, size, and firmness and build the perfect fantasy dildo just for you. They are also very happy to receive design ideas, to really match their customers needs. Many fantasy toy makers have lots of unusable toys, but Twin Tail Creations really makes it a mission to make toys that are both pretty, and that fit the human body.


You’ve surely heard about Doxy before. They first came out with a wand vibrator that quickly made its way into blogger’s heart. They’ve later made other products, and all of them are just as good. Doxy products are top quality, powerful, rumbly, and easy to use. Doxy also listens to bloggers and customers feedback when it comes to making a new product. It may be hard to find a retailer that sells all of their products, but you can buy them all directly from them if you want.

Split Peaches

Split Peaches makes a different kind of toys; different from regular toys, yet also different from fantasy toys. All their toys are hand poured, made of silicone and body-safe. I’ve never tried any of their products, but I sure would love too. They make regular sized products, but there is also definitely a Split Peaches product to please every size queen out there.

Crowned Jewels

They’re a company based in the UK, who makes metal dildos. There are only a few metal toys that are truly safe and can be trusted, but Crowned Jewels products are part of those. They work with many different types of metals to craft beautiful pieces. Depending on the material, their products cost a wide price range, but they are all top quality.

Crystal Delights

Crystal Delights is one of the top, ethical shops, making high quality glass sex toy, that’s out there. Their prices may seem higher than the regular glass toys that you may find in most stores, but they are of a way higher quality, and are absolutely safe. They have a great range of products, from dildos to plugs to medical dilators, and some beautiful designs. Most of their toys have a gem base, but they also make a wide selection of very interesting tailed plugs.

Funkit Toys

Funkit Toys was born when Kenton, a person with lots of knowledge in different topics, started making toys on his own. He sure knows what he is doing, and his silicone is different: it is clear. Using this type of silicone allows for a whole new world, as he makes gorgeous pieces with colour swirls and other nice designs. Kenton doesn’t only specialize in insertable toys, he also makes many different impact toys. He’s also made an attachment for the Doxy, and has been working on a small toy meant to be worn on the fingers as a ring, and used this way. His toys are very unique, and he gets a new one out every month!


Hum is a very new type of vibrator that is using artificial intelligence. This quality vibrator listens to your body’s response and adjusts its vibrations accordingly. The guy from Hum once told be that the Hum was like a caring, learning lover. I’m yet to try it, but this sex toy is sure an interesting and innovative product.


Last but not least: Désirables. It’s a women owned company from Montréal, making high-end sexuality products. Integrity, respect, love and passion are all part of their core values. Their most popular products are their dildo and massages stones, both made of porcelain. Désirables is a very ethical company, but not only in regards to sexuality as they also make sure that they only work with small, local companies for their manufacturing process. They have high quality standards for their products, and have made it a mission both to educate people on sexuality, and to offer non intimidating, women friendly sex toys. They want to reach out to people who do not relate to the sexualized idea of sex toys. I see no reason not to check out their products, whether you’re in Canada or elsewhere around the world.

Of course, there are so many more great retailers and toy makers out there, many of them I don’t even know yet.