About me

Who I am

I am a young girl in her 20’s who is slowly recovering from sex traumas caused by some previous abusive relationships. I am now lucky enough to be dating an amazing guy but I still have issues, coming from my past experiences, which sometimes have a negative effect my relationship.

Why le Journal?

This blog is a place where I come to write about my feelings, my story, my experiences; in other words, it’s my journal. The name is French as it is a language I speak fluently and I wanted to add a little touch of it on my blog.

This journal is a way to express myself on my past and present experiences. I write about that as part of my recovery, but also as an attempt to help people who are in the same situation. Some people may feel the need to write about their experience as well and I am offering them the chance to do so, as guest posts are there for exactly that! If it can have a positive impact on at least a single person, then, I ‘ll be happy.

I’ve thought for an incredibly long time that I was alone in my situation. Meeting other people who’ve been through the same (or even worse) things, has been very helpful to me and now I am trying to give this back via my blog.

Why do you review sex toys if this blog is about your past experiences?

I discovered sex toys only recently, but they’ve been so helpful to me since then. It’s been a big part of my recovery process and that’s why it has a big place on my blog as well.

Note that I am not claiming to be a sex toy expert; in fact I am pretty new to the subject. I started experimenting with cheaper toys in order to know what I like before investing in more expensive ones so you’ll see reviews of products of every kind and every price.

Help me making my blog even better

Just like everyone else, I am not perfect. I read my posts several time before posting them, I do spellchecks, I try not to talk about things I don’t really know, but sometimes there can be slips. If you notice any spelling/grammar error or any false information, please let me know.

If you want to share your story, feel free to do so! If you liked a post please comment to let me know! If you’d like to write about your story, simply email me and we’ll arrange that together!