Review – Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy Chained Nipple Clamps

  • Brand: Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Material: Metal & Silicone (nickel free)
  • Length: 19,1 in (48,5 cm)
  • Total weight: 27 g
  • Storage bag: Yes
  • Price: £14,9919,99$ USD26,95$ CAD
My review:

I love nipple toys, and I own a few nipple suckers and rings, but chained nipple clamps were missing from my small collection. The majority of my nipple toys are of the Fifty Shades of Grey brand and are all of great quality so I was happy to know that I would be sent the Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy chained nipple clamps in exchange for an honest review.

The packaging

The Fifty Shades Darker packaging is very similar to the Fifty Shades of Grey one. That means that the clamps come in a black box with an image of the toy on it.

The chained clamps come with a silky storage bag. It’s navy blue, but the colour is so dark that I first though it was black. I had to see it under the sunlight to realise that it is not. It really is a great colour in my opinion. On top of that, the silver lettering saying “Fifty Shades Darker” combined with that shade of blue makes it look even better. It may be just a pouch, but I find it is gorgeous, and getting a storage bag with a toy is always a nice touch!

The clamps

Each clamp consist of two tweezer type clamps. Each clamp has a small metal bar that slides up and down to adjust the intensity. The tips are padded with silicone, which is very solidly attached to the metal part. At the base of the clamps, little weights are attached next to the chain that connects both clamps; a small Fifty Shades of Grey is also attached to one of the clamps.

The whole toy is nickel free, so they should be hypoallergenic. tag-img_1822-copie

The clamps are pretty rigid, and their loose state is already pretty tight. Due to that, I had to open the clamps wider to be able to put them on. Also, the small weights add a bit of extra stimulation, and if you want more, you can increase the intensity by moving the sliding part up. No need to push it very far to increase intensity by a lot; a little makes a big difference. This all means that once you’ve managed to place them on your nipples, you don’t necessarily need to tighten them to experience great sensations.

In use

When I first tried them, I found these clamps to be a bit difficult to put on. We tried them together with my boyfriend, using the clamps on myself. Neither of us managed to put the clamps on my nipples without having at least one of them slipping off. We couldn’t even adjust them tighter so that they stayed on, because they would fall off before that or while did it. The nipple that was causing us the more trouble is smaller than the other one, and slightly inverted. We finally got our Fifty Shades of Grey nipple suckers out and using them before putting the clamps on solved our problem. It made my nipple bigger and well erected, and the clamps would stay on way better.

Once they were adjusted correctly, they stayed securely in place, no matter how strongly we pulled on them.


The clamps themselves provided great sensations, but the whole thing got even better when we began to play with the chain. I find that chain to be especially great because, not only it gives a special look, but it also intensifies the sensations and it is perfect to stimulate both nipples at the same time. A single hand is needed, so it leaves the other hand free for other activities. This is the main reason why these chained clamps are now my favourite nipple toys for solo play!

I find this toy offers a great range of intensities, going from a gentle pinch to intense painful sensations. Every other nipple clamps that I own are not adjustable, and I’ve never came across a nipple toy that is as intense as I would like. Conversely, with these clamps, I only need to slide the bar half way up for them to be too painful to endure.

tag-img_1812-copieNo matter how tight they can be, the padded tips makes them really comfortable. In addition, because of them being pretty stiff, I am predicting that these clamps, unlike almost every other nipple toy that I own, are not going to get weaker with time.


In conclusion, the Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy chained nipple clamps may be a little difficult to put on at first, but once this problem is overcome by using some nipple suckers, they are amazing. Their adjustable tips makes them perfectly suited for people who prefer light stimulation as well astag-img_1790-copie for people who expect their nipple clamps to be painful. I personally love to use them when playing alone as  I can use a single hand to pull on the chain, thus providing great nipple stimulation while leaving a free hand for other great stuff.

Get yours

If you are interested in the Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy chained nipple clamps, you can buy them at Lovehoney (ca).

The Fifty Shades Darker At My Mercy chained nipple clamps were sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review.