Review – Satisfyer Penguin

Features :
  • Brand: Satisfyer
  • Material: Silicone
  • Vibrations: 11 speeds
  • Battery: USB rechargeable
  • Charging time: 3h
  • Battery life: 2h
  • Travel mode: No
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Storage bag: No
  • Price: 72,00$ CAD from Come As You Are


My review :

I had never tried any suction toy before Satisfyer sent me the Satisfyer Pro2, the Satisfyer Penguin and the Satisfyer 2 to review. All three of them have similar features, but also a few differences, making the Penguin the one I like the least.

The packaging

As with the other Satisfyer toys, the Penguin comes in a nice white box with the name and a picture of the toy on it. It also comes with an instruction manual written in many different languages. For some reason, the Penguin is the only one of the three models to come with an hygiene sticker, which I find to be weird.

The toy

The Satisfyer Penguin is pretty cute with its pink rounded silicone body. Just like the Pro 2, it is  USB rechargeable, and the magnetic connection of the charging cable works just fine.

The control buttons are inverted in comparison to the other two models. First, they are located on the other side of the handle, the side facing the user, which I think is more convenient. Secondly, their order is also inverted, which I wouldn’t mind if I only owned this one toy, but as I also own two other Satisfyer models, it is kind of confusing and I always end up pressing the wrong button.

I find this model to be the easiest to clean up, as the nozzle is integrated  better inside the toy. The buttons are also integrated in the body, and the material and shape is the Penguin just make this whole process a lot easier.

I also feel like the Penguin is the less noisy of all, but that being said, it still is extremely loud.

In use

Just like the Satisfyer Pro 2, the Penguin does not do it for me. The sensations provided are even less satisfying. The head is shaped differently, and it plays a big part on why I don’t like it. Instead of being wide and rounded, the tip is really thin and sharp, which makes it difficult to position the toy correctly, and to keep it in place. It also makes the seal more difficult to obtain, and part of the sensation is lost because of that. In addition to that, the head is solid instead of being flexible like the Pro 2’s is, and because of that, I can’t feel the edges around my clit and the slight stimulation is can provide. All I can feel is the suction feeling, but to me it is not strong enough.


Add all these aspects together, plus the fact that the suction sensation of the Satisfyers doesn’t quite work for my body, and you get why the Penguin is my least favourite of all three Satisfyer models that I received. The body of the toy is the nicest one in my opinion, but the head is off, and it would work way better if it was more similar to the Pro 2’s one in my opinion.

Where to get it

You can get the Penguin at Come As You Are.

– – –

The Satisfyer Penguin was sent to me by Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review.