Review – Tantus Cush O2



  • Brand: Tantus
  • Material: Silicone (dual density)
  • Insertable length: 7 in (17,8 cm)
  • Total length: 7,5 in (19 cm)
  • Girth: 1,75 in (4,5 cm)
  • Lubricant: Water-based
  • Storage bag: No
  • Suction cup: No
  • Price: 84,06$ USD

My review:

I had been planning to buy the Tantus Cush O2 because I loved the way that it looks and the dimensions appeared perfect to me. I thought that those features, plus the dual density, would make it feel great. I ended up being very lucky and win one in a giveaway hosted by Little Switch Bitch and sponsored by Tantus. I am so thankful for that, because the Tantus Cush now has a special place in my heart.

The packaging

The Tantus Cush comes in the usual Tantus packaging, with a clear plastic cover showing off the toy.

The toy

The Cush is part of Tantus’ O2 line. This means that it is made out of Tantus’ usual high quality silicone, but in two different densities. The inside of the dildo is rigid, while the outer, clear part is made of softer, squishier silicone. This gives the toy a rigid structure, but a soft texture, making insertion easier.

There is a choice of three colours: blue (Ice), purple (Twilight), and pink (Candy). All three of them are made of the clear outer layer, showing off small peeks of the colour underneath. Mine is in the colour Twilight, and it is gorgeous, even my boyfriend loves the frosted purple appearance of my Cush.

This dildo has a slightly curved head, and a ridge about mid shaft. Mine has a few imperfection: the ridge is bent a bit, and just like the base, it shows a few air bubbles. These kinds of imperfections are to be expected from Tantus dildos, not because of a poor quality, but because of the unique and hand-poured nature of every toy.

The Tantus Cush, in theory, appeared to be about the right size for what I was looking for, but it turned out to be way bigger than what I was expecting. It’s pretty girthy and long. I was not worried about the length as I do not have to use it all, but I was kind of scared by the girth. I was scared, but yet, its squishy texture got me so curious and excited that I had to try it right away.

In use

The first time I used it, I decided to warm up with my Doxy beforehand. I did not even have to get an orgasm to feel ready for the size of the Cush. I proceeded to insert it, with a bit of apprehension combined with lots of lube. I was expecting it be painful, but it wasn’t. I experienced a bit of discomfort to begin with, but quickly, it was replaced by pleasure.

At first, I could only insert the dildo halfway, right under the ridge, but after a few minutes, I could get past the ridge, and then further and further. This dildo is so filling that it makes me want more, inserting it an inch deeper, and going on like this until I end up having very satisfying A-spot orgasm.

I was scared of the girth at first, but the full feeling it provides is very pleasurable. The girth is also perfect in my opinion, as I have a lot to work with. The head stimulates my deeper spot wonderfully, making me wanna push the dildo further and further, and when I come to the point of orgasm, there still are one or two inches left outside.

It has come to a point where I do not even need any warm up anymore. I can just take the Cush right in, and the amazing stimulation it provides just turns me on so much that in less than 5 minutes, I orgasm. This is weird for me, as, 1. Penetration, even with something average in size, is often uncomfortable, and 2. it usually takes me a while to orgasm with penetration.

Some people have said that the ridge is uncomfortable for them, but can’t really tell for me, because when I get past that ridge, I am already to the point where I can’t fight against having the powerful orgasm that’s coming.

The most wonderful thing about this dildo, is that it gets better for me each time! I quickly started to feel less and less discomfort when first inserting it, and I often get to insert it all the way in! I also came to orgasm quicker and quicker each time, and now only have to insert it half way before an orgasm hits me. Another unusual thing for me, is that I now even get turned thinking about this sex toy!


What I thought at first would be too big for me ended up being on top of my favourites! I even get turned on thinking about this dildo because of just how good it is! I am a girl for whom penetration has always be tricky, but the Tantus Cush has changed my vision of girthy dildos, and I think that I may now be getting into a size queen!

Where to get it

You can buy the Cush directly from Tantus and get 40% off this weekend with code HOTDOG, or from their retailers such as SheVibe and Peepshow Toys. People from the UK can get it from Uberkinky.





  • Ash

    I really like the design of this toy, and I’m definitely a fan of girth, might have to give this one a try!

    • Oh, definitely a must try then! But if you are a real girth fan, this one may even be too small, as it is 1,75 in in diameter. It is simply wider than the average dildo you know, but definitely large for me. Tantus also has many other options for huge toys, but I am sure none of them beats my beloved Cush <3

  • J-Hawk Brit

    I love Tantus products. This would be perfect if it was suction cup compatible.

    • You’re absolutely right! Tantus should make a limited edition with a hole for a bullet of suction cup, it would be awesome wouldn’t it?

  • Brandon Sparks

    This would be so awesome to have

  • Jay

    This is also my favorite Tantus dildo that I own so far!